LENT_Day 21

So Day 21 of lent, I have now well and truly given up on lent. but have proved that it is possibly to live off such a little amount even in the west.

what I didnt know what that there is a current challenge from a charity to live bellow the line.

here is the website link: http://www.livebelowtheline.org.uk/

after living like this for 2 weeks, one week or 5 days would be easy enough for me to do. But it is interesting comparison to make when looking at western lifestyles compared to those that live on less than a pound every day of their lives in africa and such.

I have been a fantastically educative experience, but it is much easier to be a consumer in the western world. I have indeed changed my lifestyle for the better in terms of how much money I spend on food and consumer items because I am more aware of the impact it has on me and others around the world. I try to purchase fair trade and eco whenever I can to support those people and products.


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