What can I offer you?

Well with the advancements in social networking for professionals there is no need for me to reiterate info that is elsewhere. So to look at my achievements, experience, skills and well lets me honest for fill that need for a bit of online stalking, check out my linked in profile here.


Or if your the CV kind, I have one of those to and you can check that out here.

CV_CAO_JAN_2012.3  /  ItchyPalm.work

But what I can tell you here is that I am very hard working, honest and passionate about design and illustration. I try to get to as many creative events as possible, meet people, make connections and build relationships. At the same time I am currently working on a couple of side ventures that I am very excited about. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I’m a down to earth person with a passion for life and a drive that will have me succeed.

If you are still reading this and have not got bored yet, then what can I do for you? (this months banner design), What bought you to my site? Would you like to collaborate? Commission an illustration piece? Get a quote for some graphic design you need doing?
Then why not get in touch.

The gory details

My hourly rate is £10 therefore £80 per day.

Products I can produce:

Logo + Branding concepts and production + Brand Guidelines
Stationery Design (letterhead, business cards and comp slips)
A5 Flyers
A4 Folders
A4/A3/A2 Posters
Roller Banners
A5/A4 Booklets
Large text/image Documents (100p+ or smaller/larger)
Web Design
Character Design – Character Animation.
Illustration – Vector and Hand drawn

I can also organise your printing and production needs for design projects. (There is a very small cost for this service – just ask)

However, if you are looking for something very specific and it is not on the list, drop me an email and ask the question.

Email me at thisisitchypalm@gmail.com or tweet me @thisisitchypalm. 


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