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Welcome to my online portfolio.

This is a sneak peak into the world of my work. Not everything I have produced is on here, it mainly has University projects and some live work. If you would like to see more work then I believe in the old fashion visit with a printed portfolio method. It gives me and you a chance to suss each other out and learn what we stand for.

You can also see a different range of work from me, showcased in last years graduate show. Here is a link to the graduate show website:


Digital work.

This is my youtube channel where you can find all my motion work, Animations, skill development work and explorations of styles and ideas. http://www.youtube.com/user/MsCoverton




Clear Channel and ThirdSpace. ThirdSpace was a University Project to persuade advertisers to use the outdoor space to advertise. I decided to produce a digital solution using billboards, bus-supersides and bus-shelters. The billboard is a reactive screen, moving constantly and then shooting upwards when walked past. The Bus-superside would work  the same as the iPhone, reacting to movement, so when the bus would stop, start or just move the water on the advertisement would also move in conjunction to the bus movement. The bus-shelter is a touch sensitive screen that reacts to human touch creating an interactive advert. See whole of the Clear Channel  project here Thirdspace








Ellis. Ellis is a upcoming Jewellery company specialising in necklace charms, our job was to create a brand, style and all the trimmings to accompany the concept of the business itself. A lot of emphasis went into making this brand look established and english. The detail in the brief was immense, so narrowing it down was very important, looking at it from the potential customers point of view was also very important to ensure I got the brand spot on. Click here to view Ellis brand development  ELLIS_DEVELOPMENT And click here for the final outcome for the re-brand of Magpie as Ellis 200349943_cao_Magpie

Bee the change. Bee the Change was a campaign to create awareness for the decline of the Honey Bee using ambient media and a mix of different graphic based stationary. View the whole project here strategy


Phobias. Each person in the year were given a Phobia, the task was to make its meaning/definition obvious through a poster or image produced. The  phobia I was given was Agrophobia, I created a metal type and took a photo through the type showing the outside world. To view the end result of this project click here Phobias .

Impact. This was a project for University, each person was given a typeface and  had to highlight the type faces personality within a piece of typography. To view the end results of the project click here Impact

Life Drawing.

Life Drawing was really good fun, I learnt about composition and the way that I could and can do things, fast or slow, big or small, and all the little details add to the overall feeling of the piece. See a collection of life drawings click here Life


Illustrated Book. This project was to illustrate ourselves through a digital medium, presenting it in a printed and bound book format. To view the  Illustrated Book click here  book.

Character Illustration. Character Illustration is something I started at Mezzo Films and really enjoyed. I now collect my little doodles of characters into a book which I then use if I want to design birthday cards or animations that require characters. Click below to view a few of my character designs character_page


Idea Bounty. Is a crowd sourcing website that puts out new briefs all the time for people, creatives and non-creatives to enter their ideas to. Pepperami was a brief that I responded to, the concept was to advertise their new product – mini pepperamis. I gained a bronze award for my idea, ranking in the top 100 out of 1200 people. To view the story board click on the link here pepperami

Lloyds TSB. This was a live DNAD brief for Lloyds TSB using ambient advertising and media. View the whole project here.

Get in touch to see more live/recent work.


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