ItchyPalm – Who are they?

ItchyPalm is a blog/online shop that is everything and anything to do with Illustration and art. It is growing from the ground upwards, the pieces are humble and have a sense of ‘I love what I do’ about them.  I wanted to write a short piece on ItchyPalm because it has everything it needs to succeed – passion, commitment and talent. Turning  away from the daily grind to follow dreams, so this is my homage to ItchyPalm and everything it stands for.

Follow the blog, I’m sure that a lot of interesting things will be coming out of it, follow them on twitter and visit the growing online shop.

I cannot wait to see ItchyPalm grow into its own.


The end of the last four years of my life

So, the time has come for me to graduate from Leeds University into the big wide world of design. I graduate in four weeks and on that day I will be thinking about the numerous projects and placements I have completed over the years. University was a great experience, it opened my eyes to a lot of new things including a laser cutter, cider-again, green tea, paperchase, credit cards, loans, insurance, gardening, having the ability to always find money for a holiday, Pantone mugs, after effects, church(for a bit), vinyl, lava lamps, pov aid, co-op and shisha. (There is probably a bit more, but im bored of thinking of things, let alone you reading them)

Without Uni I would not have been able to stand on my own two feet and sort my life out, have complete control of its mould, learning about mistakes that I should have made to make me learn and never forget. Remembering that Uni is something more than studying, it is a life decision, because your life is never the same afterward.

Uni overall has been a great experience, like many other people I have had a lot of ups and downs over the past four years, but I have come out of it knowing who I am and what I want from life.


This piece of culture jamming is aimed at the way in which some people use facebook, creating an alternate self. Moving away from their real personality and towards how they would like people to perceive them. This is in no way a criticism of facebook but is a criticism of those that use it.

Drawing VS Photography

I stumbled upon a website showing artwork by Ben Hein. I was transfixed by these photos/drawings and the inspiring creativity that was so clear throughout.By merging these two techniques you can gain a extended sense of fun.

I really enjoy these pieces because each picture I look at shows a different aspect of how to combine these techniques. At the same time, each image I look at I am already thinking of the next and what else could be done in the same way.

Here is a link to the site: