Initial Ideas – Skinhead+Dreadhead

These are three developing ideas about what my title/character names and style should be like. I originally wanted to go with a hand-drawn style and still could but using these as inspiration. These were created in illustrator, creating outlines and playing with each letter itself to get the effect that I wanted. The idea behind this was that the words would reflect the character and the word meaning, so using dots for skinhead  – used dots for the hair follicles on the character and dreads on the letters on for my character that has dreads.

I think there is a lot of development to be done, but it is a good start.


Character Design: Dreadhead+Skinhead

These are two characters that I have recently drawn for illustration and animation purposes, both came naturally without too much design, but then tweaked afterward. I really enjoy drawing people and characters I think its a great way to learn about yourself and others, how to represent personality through another element. Both these are loosely based around people I know. Some might say that that is cheating, but I say that people are my inspiration. Names and styles for these particular characters are being developed and will arrive on here shortly.